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D&D Strategic Solutions is Sri Lanka’s primary CSR consultancy having been active in Sri Lanka since January 2000. We have worked with some of the largest national and international companies active within Sri Lanka, in industries as diverse as Dairy, Insurance, FMCG, Supermarket, Energy, Media IT and Education, etc.. D&D’s CSR consultancy service places sustainability at the heart of an organisation in order to maximise profits through planning the commitment of resources to activities aligned with the expectations and interests of stakeholders, customers and the wider society. By aligning resources in this fashion the company can; develop market share, prevent costs, attract investors, attract and retain high quality human resources and drive a positive brand position. Our belief is that our CSR expertise will not only improve your financial bottom line, but it will also help you develop a clear understanding of the social and environmental dimensions of your business and give you clear path to improving them. It has been shown that organisation’s who successfully undertake CSR improve their “good will” balance sheet which increases an organisations image and embeds it within the fabric of a society.

Following are presentations, interviews and articles on CSR by D&D.

CSR Presentation by D&D

Interview on CSR

Article on ‘The CSR debate”

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